Our story


As a child, I dreamed of being a fashion or jewelry designer! However, I never really dared to make this dream a reality, because can you make enough money to live from it? So I studied business administration. Fashion and jewelry though always remained in the back of my mind. However, I didn't really know how I could ever integrate this into my job, I hadn't studied design. 

Then I got the idea for Riør Design and I started working on it. When I realised that Riør Design was becoming more and more successful, I decided to leave the corporate world and to concentrate fully on Riør Design and my passion for jewelry. Life is short and I don't want to look back on my life later and regret that I didn't do what my passion was. 

With Riør Design I want to create uniquely feminine and floral jewellery for every day and special occasions. A must-have for women who love romantic, delicate and cute jewellery. Jewelry should last and therefore we focus on high quality fashion jewelry, on which we give a 365 day guarantee. 

I was born in Germany, but live in and created Riør Design in Ireland, which makes us a German-Irish company, based in beautiful Dublin. We are mainly present in Germany, Ireland and France, but sell all over Europe. 

Thank you for taking the time to read our story. I sincerely hope that you will enjoy our jewelry! If you have any suggestions on what we can do better, please feel free to let us know and send us an email to info@riordesign.com.